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The Same Changes, Vol. 1
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The Same Changes is a collection of stories—my thoughts, experiences, and reflections manifested as moments in time. These stories are meant to vividly conjure images and realities, to connect a broader community through experience shared and related.

O'Neill's music acts as an agent and a catalyst for the rich tradition of creative music in America. His musical ideas are drawn not only from his own experiences, but also from the context of that tradition. Often inspired by nature, O'Neill's music is turbulent and contemplative. In creating and performing his music from this perspective, O'Neill aims to provide audiences with a unique experience which is at the same time communal and personal.



Here and Now

This song was recorded live at Chris' Jazz Cafe on January 21st, 2021. Here and Now is a reminder to stay present. Ignoring our pasts might be a form of self- deception, but we can acknowledge our past experiences without letting them control our thoughts and actions in the present. This process is a statement of possibility and hope, of saying “I am” without being caught up in “I have been”.

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