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The Same Changes, Vol. 2
Out Now!

Like the Same Changes, Vol I, this album is a collection of stories—my thoughts, 

experiences, and reflections manifested as moments in time. However, Vol II gives the listener a chance to connect specifically with experiences in my life that have tested me; moments of depression, doubt, and insecurity. I believe that “negative” experiences can be a forging fire to make us better people and better artists. The stories told in these songs helped give me purpose and direction, and my main goal is that they help provide the listener with a new sense of purpose and confidence, and that they can come back to them in times of doubt. 



Another Moment Reconciled

Every artist I know has created at least one work in response to the COVID19 pandemic, and Another Moment Reconciled is mine. I wrote this piece at a time when it not only felt impossible to get through the day-to-day tasks, but also that it might be meaningless. And to get any real work done, creative or otherwise, felt like an even bigger mountain to climb. I eventually decided that it should not only be considered okay, but a great feat to get through each day with one’s sanity and sense of purpose intact, if nothing else. This is my journey about finding peace in working my way through life and putting more care into experiencing than producing.

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